Day  October 04th
16h – 18h Onsite registration
Opening sessionMargaret de Castro – Dean  FMRPRubens Fazan – Chairman od Dept. of Physiology

J. Antunes- Rodrigues and Carol Elias – Organizing CommitteePlenary lecture:

Chair: Carol Elias. University of Michigan.

Malcolm Low. University of Michigan. Hypothalamic integration of external and internal environments in the control of energy homeostasis

Day  October 05th
Symposium 1:

8:00h -10:00h

Central regulation of energy homeostasis

Chair: Lucila L K Elias(FMRP-USP)
Speakers:Malcolm J. Low. University of Michigan. New insights on the role of POMC neurons in energy homeostasis.

Rodrigo Rorato.
FMRP-USP. DREADDs reveal arcuate AgRP/NPY neurons control both fasting-induced suppression of the HPT axis and activation of hepatic TH metabolism.Sophie M. Steculorum. Department of Neuronal Control of Metabolism, Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research, Gleueler Strasse 50, 50931 Cologne, Germany. Novel regulator of the central control of feeding and systemic insulin sensitivity
10:00h – 10:15h Coffee break
Symposium 2:

10:15h -12:15h

Physiology of osmoregulation

 Chair: Charles W. Bourque (McGill University Health Center, Montreal General Hospital)

Sean D. Stocker. Department of Medicine, Division of Renal-Electrolyte
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. “Neurogenic mechanisms central to sodium-sensing

Laurival A De Luca Jr.; JV Menani. – UNESP – Araraquara: Sodium loading induces similar effects on Fos immunoreactivity in the hindbrain associated with opposite effects on sodium intake.

Wolfgang Liedtke – Departments of Neurology, Anesthesiology and Neurobiology. Duke University Medical Center. Durham NC 27710. “Central regulation of fluid and tonicity by micro-RNAs”.

Wagner Luis Reis. FMRP – USP. Central apelin effects on drinking behavior and neuroendocrine hormones release: involvement of CO and NO functions (30 min).

12:15h – 13:45h
Poster session
Symposium 3:

14:00h -16:00h

Peripheral regulation of energy homeostasis

Chair: Márcio Torsoni ( UNICAMP)
Carey Lumeng (University of Michigan) – Dynamic of adipose tissue leukocytes contributes to tissue inflammation and metabolic disease.Darleen Sandoval (University of Michigan) – Using Genetics and Pharmacology to Understand GLP-1 Physiology.

Mariana Kiomy Osako (FMRP-USP). RANKL system in adipose tissue

Lício A Velloso (UNICAMP) – Nutritional factors impact on hypothalamic control of whole body energy homeostasis.

16:00h – 16:15h Coffee break
16:30h – 17:30h Oral session

Plenary lecture

Chair: WK Samson (Saint Louis University School of Medicine)

C.W. Bourque. Montreal General Hospital . Clock-driven vasopressin neurotransmission mediates anticipatory thirst prior to sleep

Day  October 06th
Symposium 4:

8:00h -10:00h

New Techniques to interrogate physiology
Round table

 Chair: Beatriz C. Borges (USP-RP)

Beatriz Borges – FMRP – USP. Leptin effects on hippocampus: a behavior, molecular and morpho-functional study (25 min).

André de Souza Mecawi (UFRRJ) Angiotensin II at the subfornical organ: new evidences on metabolic control. 

Nicole Bellefontaine. University of Michigan. Calcium imaging for the study of leptin signaling in the reproductive neuroendocrine axis.

José Donato Junior. ICB-USP.– When the name does not tell you everything: central regulation of energy and glucose homeostasis by growth hormone

10:00h – 10:15h Coffee break
Symposium 5


Metabolic Control of Reproduction and Growth

Chair: Carol F Elias – Universty of Michigan
Gustavo A. R. Maciel. Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo“New markers for metabolic impairment in polycystic ovarian syndrome

David Garcia-Galiano. University of Michigan. PI3K signaling in reproduction and growth.

Renata Frazao. ICB-USP. Somatotropic axis and reproductive function

12:15 – 14:00h Lunch – Meet the Professor
Symposium 6

14:00h – 16:00h

Vasopressin Peptides: Osmoregulation and Beyond

 Chair: Jose Antunes-Rodrigues (FMRP-USP).

Limei Zhang. National Autonomous University of Mexico. Hypothalamic vasopressinergic and orexinergic pathways converge with midbrain aminergic inputs on LHb intrinsic GABAergic system regulated by neurosteroid signalling: implications for contingency-dependent motivated behavior.

WK Samson. Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Novel mechanisms regulating vasopressin secretion.

Melina Pires. FMRP-USP. Electrophysiological properties of Hypothalamic Magnocellular Neurons from the Supraoptic Nucleus.

Silvia Ruginski . UFAL: Astrocytes as targets for the central control of body fluid homeostasis.

16:00h – 16:15h Coffee break
Symposium 7

16:15h – 17:45

Metabolic and Cardiovascular Programming

Chair: Andre Mecawi (UFRRJ)

Laura Vivas. Universidad de Cordoba, Instituto Ferreyra-Conicet. Sex Chromosome Complement and gonadal steroid influences in the sexually dimorphic vasopressinergic system.

Adriana Torsoni (UNICAMP). Maternal obesity and microRNAs associated with fatty liver disease.

Lucas DeBarba. FMRP-USP. Non-Neuronal Cells and Nutritional Programming


Concluding Remarks and Closing

Organizing Committee:
Beatriz Borges (FMRP-USP)
Carol F Elias (University of Michigan)
Willis K. Samson (St. Louis University)
José Antunes-Rodrigues (FMRP-USP)
Lucila Leico K Elias (FMRP-USP)
Marcio Torsoni (UNICAMP)

Financial support:
University of São Paulo
American Journal of Physiology  (Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology).